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Every 15 Minutes Someone Is Killed In An Accident In the United States

The Cost to Bury a Loved One Can Cost From $5,000-$15,000

Hello Friend,

My name is Jeff, and I am one of the founders of Gears in Heaven, a non-profit organization. I wanted to take a moment to share some insight into our mission.

Gears in Heaven assists the families of motorsport enthusiasts that have been killed or seriously injured in a vehicle accident.

Gears in Heaven was founded after my precious, and only child, Brandon Forlastro, a true motorsport enthusiast, was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 1st of 2022.

It was his 22nd birthday.

His beautiful girlfriend was a passenger on the motorcycle and critically injured.

Her life is forever changed.

From the onset of the crash, through now, we had a large support network and some resources available to us to help us through our struggle.

This assistance was imperative to our wellbeing and healing.

Imagining that there will be families going through similar horrors, without strong support was unbearable for us to think of.

That is exactly why we started Gears in Heaven, to be a source of comfort and support during tragedy and loss to those who need it.

My wife Jennifer, members of our family, Brandon’s friends, our friends, and I all sprung into action and made Gears in Heaven a reality.

Our volunteers all have a personal connection to tragedy.

Their individual experience allows us to provide grief and emotional support, assist with fundraising activities to offset funeral or medical expenses, or even assist in the day-to-day chores that need to be attended to keep a household functioning.

Our services don’t end there, we do whatever is needed.

Each accident presents itself with a unique set of needs.

Our goal is to provide the family with some solace that they have true support behind them, because this is when they need it most.


Jeff F.

You May Be Wondering By Now...


We couldn't do this alone...

It costs anywhere from $5000-$15000 for someone to bury a loved one.

We also are new and our volunteers can only help so much...

We needed to come up with something to spread awareness NOW.

Times are hard for everyone which is why we partnered with Lime Rock Park to create this:


Lime Rock Park has been one of our biggest supporters since we began Gears in Heaven in 2022.

Each year more and more motorsport and motorcycle accidents happen and there are not enough people out there helping to educate about safety while also supporting victims' families.

That's where Gears in Heaven comes in. With you generous support we get to continue on our mission of making the road a safer place by educating road and motorsport safety while still celebrating the exhilarating fun of motorsports!

Lime Rock Park is an amazing donor and gave us a SEASON PASS to raffle off!

If for some reason you are unaware, Lime Rock Park is one of the most prestigious and sought after race track known for it's challenging track and exciting events!

All events like the Trans Am Memorial Day Classic, FCP Euro Northeast Grand Prix, Gridlife Circuit Legends Festival, Historic Festival 41 and Sunday in the Park, plus the SCCA New England races are included in this season pass!

A small donation of $15 to enter this raffle helps families across the country get the support they need when facing one of the most devastating times in their life. From once being in their shoes, it really is hard and I wished there was something like Gears in Heaven. That's why we made it our mission.

This season pass is normally valued at over $400 and was generously donated by our friends at Lime Rock Park, and all proceeds from the raffle will go towards supporting the mission of Gears in Heaven Inc (501c3 Non-Profit).

The winner will be announced on our website and social media channels. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the excitement at Lime Rock Park!

So how can you get yours? Click the button below!

Please Help Us On Our Mission to Help Reduce These Accidents and Assist Other Families In Need!

Here Is Everything Your Donation Will Do:

  • Help Cover Funeral or Memorial Costs

  • Run House Chores

  • Plant a Tree In Ones Honor

  • Drive Awareness to Driver Safety

  • Get counseling for family

  • Give a remarkable memorial for a fallen rider

  • Plus much, much more!

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Gears in Heaven Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 88-2758534. Donations are tax-deductible.